Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cedar Point: Driving

I don’t recommend this method unless you have a heap of people and a camper. While the Sandusky area has a great campground convenient to the park, I found that the hassle and time that was expended on the trip was not worth the savings. If you have at least four people that can share with the driving, this may save you a great deal of money but staying in the campground gives you no advantages in comfort or any of the ‘early entry’ benefits that some of the hotels offer during park season.

With gas prices being highly unpredictable, it was very difficult to budget for the trip this way. When I drove, we took a van and pulled a camper. Headwinds while crossing Kansas caused our gas cost to double for the trip out. We also saw a price increase in gas jump almost thirty cents/gallon between the time that we planned the trip and when we actually reached Sandusky.

Construction, weather, and a traumatic break-down all worked together to make the trip frustrating and exhausting. Even with two licensed drivers, we were unable to drive straight through and counting the time we spent sleeping, the total trip exceeded 35 hours each way. We drove through torrential rains, lightning storms, heat exceeding 115 degrees, heavy construction and traffic jams in both directions.

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