Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cedar Point: Tips for Travel

I would highly recommend that you visit the park at the end of June. Not only is the park much less crowded (waiting lines shorter by 1-2 hours), the weather is perfect. Being that Cedar Point is located on a peninsula, the window of opportunity for temperatures that are not overwhelmingly hot or freezing cold, is relatively short. No matter when you chose to go, be sure to take a variety of clothing as weather on the lake can be unpredictable. I also recommend that you take a water resistant windbreaker for wear in the evening as the breezes across the water can get quite chilly after the sun goes down.

Cedar Point is also notorious for its mayfly season. If you have never experienced it, take my advice and don’t. The mayflies are in season from the end of May through the end of August but are generally heavier before the middle of June. While completely harmless, they don’t even bite, they are gross and at the heaviest point in their season, they cover everything. One year in Cedar Point, the park had to be cleared with a snowplow each morning before patrons arrived.

When you are packing up to enter the park, pack very light. I know they are dorky but your best bet is a fanny pack with a zipper closure. Everything that you have in your pack should be enclosed in waterproof zip lock bags. Even if you don’t intend to hit the water rides, you may change your mind after walking in the heat all day.

If at all possible, don’t carry anything that can’t fit into your fanny pack. This includes baseball caps. Although some of the rides will allow you to remove your hat and sit on it, some of the rides do not. If you have to pay for a locker every time you get on a ride, you are going to be pumping out quarters all over the park. This is true for shoes as well. Pick shoes that you will be comfortable walking in all day but that you don’t mind getting wet. I recommend Tevas, Crocks or Burkenstocks with heel straps. All footwear is permitted in the park but rides such as the Wicked Twister and the Raptor won’t allow you to wear shoes, while riding, which are not securely attached to your feet.

If games are you thing, I would suggest playing at the end of the day where you will not be required to tote your prize around all over the park. The same goes for any non-wearable souvenirs. Most of the lockers are too small for large stuffed animals. The lockers in the park are single use only. Therefore, if you have things that you have to bring into the park but don’t want to carry around, be sure to select a locker of appropriate size in an area where you think you will need the items. For instance, if you bring towels and sunscreen you should lock them up close to the water rides.

Depending on how many days you plan to spend at the park, you may benefit from a 2-day or even a season pass. In previous years, season passes were only good for Cedar Point, not Soak City or Challenge Park. This year they have added a Platinum Season Pass which includes all of the Cedar Point parks as well as free parking. As a die-hard roller coaster junkie, I could care less about water slides and go-carts but to each his own. Whatever you decide, it is probably best to plan your lodgings first since some of the local accommodations offer discounted tickets. With my hotel package one year, we got our 2-day passes which included Soak City, as well as passes to starlight Cedar Point and early entry passes. Starlight Cedar Point was great because we were able to spend one day outside of the park and then go enjoy a few rides late in the day when the crowds were thin.

Any day that you plan to spend at the park, be sure to arrive early. Not only will you enjoy much better parking, but ride lines will be much shorter. Once you are inside, resist the temptation of hitting the rides closest to the door first. Instead, RUN to the newest ride and get in line right away. The difference in wait time could be several hours depending on how new or popular the ride is.

When you are putting together your travel plans, it is imperative that you rent a car. While there is a limited shuttle and bus system as well as available cab service, the amount of freedom you will gain by having your own car is well worth the added cost of car rental and parking. Despite the busy tourist season, the restaurants in the area close early, and if you plan to eat after 9:00pm, you will need to drive out of town.

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