Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cedar Point: Bed and Breakfast

The Sandusky and surrounding area has a ton of Bed and Breakfasts. When I was planning the trip that included choosing this type of accommodation, I found a plethora to chose between. The final decision rested on location and price, and I must say, we were very happy with our choice.

The Simpson-Flint House is located in central Sandusky, close to Cedar Point and several restaurants. The cost ranges from $100-$150 a night and varies a little from year to year. The owners were very helpful in giving directions and recommending places to eat. The room was beautiful and the breakfast was AMAZING. Homemade muffins, French Toast made from fresh bread, and Eggs Benedict were among the delicious offerings served at the Simpson-Flint House and every bite was heaven.

The year that we stayed in the Simpson-Flint House, we flew into Detroit and underestimated the amount of travel time we needed to get to Sandusky. Despite our arriving at three in the morning, the owners were accommodating and even gave us a snack upon our arrival.

If you are considering a Bed and Breakfast as your accommodation, be aware that several of the available locations are located on the islands out on the lake. This is important because you will have to juggle ferry service which does not run all night. You also will be charged each time you use a ferry and depending on which one you take, you may not be able to bring your car with you.

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